Enrich your life and your community with the arts image

Enrich your life and your community with the arts

Your donation brings arts education to children and adults, makes high quality art events and exhibits possible, and enriches the cultural landscape of the Lakes area

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Let's make the arts accessible to everyone

The Crossing Arts Alliance, comprised of a membership of over 550 artists, arts enthusiasts, interested community members, and supporting businesses, has been inspiring and enriching our community through the arts since 2000.

Located in the heart of historic downtown Brainerd, we provide a "ready-made" community for those who enjoy the arts. We are positively contributing to the revitalization of our downtown by bringing by bringing world class arts offerings to our region, and adding color and interest to the tapestry of our community.

Our popular monthly low-cost arts classes for children introduce new art forms and mediums that kids may not have experienced before, and unlock learning potential in kids of all ages.

Monthly exhibit opportunities help artists working in a myriad of different mediums showcase their talent and connect with a supportive audience.

Our ever-growing variety of arts and literary workshops offer adults and youth a chance to broaden their skills and connect while building their competency and confidence.

Your financial support buys art supplies, hangs the exhibits, pays the teachers, and helps break down barriers to participation by allowing us to provide programming that is affordable for everyone.

Every dollar helps make the Brainerd Lakes area a thriving artistic community. Thank you for donating.